Welcome Home!


Our hours are (temporarily) 7:00am-8:00pm daily. We are happy to welcome our customers back! Local and State regulations require our staff and our customers to wear face coverings, except when eating. Until we are allowed to transition to our usual dining capacity, we have a modified menu, which can be found below.

Some new additions: Takeout ordering online, delivery through Uber Eats and a Family Menu.

Please take a look at the Takeaway Menu and our new Family Meals below:

Welcome to J&M’s! Where homestyle cooking is Just the beginning…

We proudly serve fresh local eggs, homemade soups, salads, cole slaw, rice pudding, fruit salad, meat loaf and more. Also, proud to serve fresh breaded onion rings, zucchini and fish & chips.

On a special diet?…No problem! We offer no sugar pancake syrup, wild berry pie, jellies, sugar substitutes, low calorie dressing, non dairy creams and low fat milk.

Patio Seating – Now available

Patio seating is now available, pet friendly (pet must be on a leash).

J&M's Restaurant - Escondido, CA